Current Flavors

Just like licking the beaters after making a yellow cake.

If you like black licorice you’ll love this ice cream with bits of Twizzlers chewy licorice.

Made with real Maine black raspberries. We give it two thorns up, way up.

Savor the real butter and generous portions of Georgia pecans.

Real genuine French chocolate cooked into every delicious bite. None better.

The best old fashioned favorite. Made with the finest real fancy chocolate chips.

We grind Wicked Joe coffee beans to make this ice cream. You can see the specks of beans in every caffeinated bite!

Made with freshly ground ginger root, amongst small bits of candied ginger. You won’t find better.

Our customers say it’s the best Grapenut they’ve ever had. Maybe it’s because of a few of our special ingredients.

The best cookies and cream ice cream found anywhere.

Mint ice cream made using a special blend of mint oil and extract, then mix it with the finest mini chocolate chips.

Peter Pan would fly over the moon for our signature rich and creamy Peanut Buttaah. Caution: you’ll be hooked.

We make the best, using peppermint extract, and red and green peppermint candies. It’s Santa-approved.

We roast and grind fresh pistachio nuts to make our pistachio ice cream from scratch. Honest.

Rich cake batter loaded with rainbow sprinkles…Happy Birthday!

Made with just real Maine raspberries. Tart. Creamy. Delicious.

We couldn’t possibly squeeze any more strawberries into this award winning ice cream. Taste the difference!

Award-winning! The best local Maine maple syrup cooked to perfection with crunchy granola cereal.

We use over 20 vanilla beans to make every batch. You can see the vanilla seeds in every delicious bite.

Rich butter goodness, mixed with tons of toffee brickle pieces make this ice cream extra special.

Italian Ice

Picture yourself on a hot day beneath a shady mango tree enjoying this cool tropical treat.

Real lemons freshly squeezed and zested. A summer treat to beat the heat!