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At Tubby’s, it is our promise to provide our customers with the finest super-premium ice creams and delicious foods. In keeping with that promise, we only use ingredients of the highest quality. Each batch of Tubby’s Own Ice Cream is made over our stove, ensuring that every bite of ice cream is rich and satisfying. All of our hot fudge, toppings and confections are made on the premises with no preservatives. Our vanilla is aged in house for three years, ensuring the richest and purest flavor, and our maple syrup is sourced locally. As you walk past Tubby’s or await your treat, smell the aroma of fresh waffle cones being made to order.

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The Wayne community is special, just as we wish every Tubby’s experience to be. Our local customers have continued to support us throughout the years, bringing friends and family from near and far. It is a pleasure to serve our community each season. Since 2003, we’ve joined with Wayne’s Cary Memorial Library to reward children with an ice cream after completing their summer reading challenge. We are proud to be a part of your family’s summer memories in Wayne.

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We strive to provide the best customer service to all of our patrons, and hope you will enjoy the hospitality and comfort that Tubby’s has to offer. We welcome you to take a stroll around Tubby’s, or enjoy your treats at one of our many picnic tables nested beneath the trees on the edge of Mill Pond.