Current Flavors

If you like black licorice you’ll love this ice cream with bits of Twizzlers chewy licorice.

Made with real Maine black raspberries. We give it two thorns up, way up.

The best old fashioned favorite. Made with the finest real fancy chocolate chips.

We grind Wicked Joe coffee beans to make this ice cream. You can see the specks of beans in every caffeinated bite!

The best cookies and cream ice cream found anywhere.

Fresh walnuts. Local maple syrup. You’ll go nutty over it.

Mint ice cream made using a special blend of mint oil and extract, then mix it with the finest mini chocolate chips.

Plain and simple. Cream and sugar. Ice cream in a birthday suit.

All the ingredients used in our vanilla ice cream except the vanilla.

We use only 100% to sweeten and flavor this honey of an ice cream.

We make the best, using peppermint extract, and red and green peppermint candies. It’s Santa-approved.

Peanut butter and jelly, a real childhood favorite.

Award-winning! The best local Maine maple syrup cooked to perfection with crunchy granola cereal.

Elmer Fudd says: weal Waisins, soaked in Weal Wum. “It’s weally weally wummy.”

Italian Ice